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Treat your interview like a final exam – study for it! Learning about your prospective employer will demonstrate genuine interest and enable you to engage in a detailed, knowledgeable conversation. Put some thought into questions you can ask about the facility or position. This will make you stick in the minds of your future employers! Prepare several questions – things in which you can show a genuine interest – for the interviewer. Also prepare answers to generally asked questions; this will allow you to speak confidently and intelligently about your qualifications!

2Arrive Prepared

Strive to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the interview. Never keep the employer waiting. Bring clean copies of your resume, references and any necessary transcripts. Also have available photocopies of your social security card and a picture identification card. Bringing a notepad, pens and other materials which may be needed for testing will impress your prospective employer!

3Appearance Matters

Yes, first impressions do matter. Employers will take your physical appearance – fairly or not – as an indicator of how well you will fit into their environment. When dressing for an interview, always dress conservatively: a suit in ‘business’ colors (navy, black, gray), a necktie in solid or a simple pattern (for males), stud earrings (for women), closed-toe shoes. Your hair should be neatly arranged, pulled back from the face. Chewing gum and smoking – don’t do it! Even if the work environment is casual, you’ll impress the employer by your businesslike appearance!

4Personality in the Interview

Relax! Allow confidence in your ability to go above and beyond the requirements of the position to shine through. Respond promptly but with consideration. Be genuinely enthusiastic and polite. Excessive smiling, gesturing and talking will be sure to annoy your interviewer and may lead them to suspect that you’re not genuine. Relax! Be mindful of your communication skills, avoid slang and (definitely) profanity. Present a firm handshake. Sit comfortably to enable proper breathing. Lean slightly towards the interviewer to show you’re engaged in the discussion. Relax and bring out your best self!


Please remember that moderation is the key to a successful interview. Lay off the perfume, cigarettes, gum-chewing, extreme nail polish, trendy outfits, and other things which could convey a poor impression. You want the employer to remember you well and not with a shudder of a remembered narrow escape!

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